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Have possums been damaging your property? Looking for a safe way to get rid of possums? You are at the right landing page. Welcome to Pest Control Gungahlin, we are a diligent, experienced, and well-reputed possum control company. Our company comprises a possum removal Gungahlin team which consists of: 

  • Professional
  • Certified
  • Well-educated
  • Local 
  • Affordable 
  • Experienced possum catchers 

Our company is very famous in Gungahlin because of all the variety of services we deliver. Moreover, because we use safe removal methods, you can rest assured. Also, we follow all the Australian standards of possum pest control. So, you do not have anything to worry about in that area. We are confident that we will satisfy all your demands. Reach out to us if you want to have more information about our services. 

Types Of Possums That Are Most Prone To Invade Your Property

  • Brush Tail Possums: These possums are of the size of cats. They weigh around 3-5 kgs. Their fur is grey in colour and they have sharp-looking earlobes. These possums have a brush tail. They mostly invade your property from places like chimneys, smoke pipes. 
  • Ring Tail Possums: Ring tail possums are smaller than brush tail ones. They weigh around 1-2kg. On the top of their body, their fur is brown in colour. At the back of their ears, they have white patches. Apart from that, the middle part of their body fur is creamish in colour. 
  • Honey Possums: These possums consume nectar and pollen. Honey possums strive to live indoors. 
  • Pygmy Possums: These possums are very small in size. They only weigh around 45 grams. Just like brush-tail possums, pygmy possums are also grey in colour. They can be found in many areas in Gungahlin. 

Signs That You Have Possums In Your Property

  • Pet Food Invasion: Possums often attack your pet food. If your pet food storage area is having daily destructive invasions then this is a clear sign of possum infestation. Moreover, make sure that you are keeping your pets away from possums. 
  • Loud Noises: Possums can be very destructive. Moreover, when they do damage, they make very loud noises. They sound like rodents while destroying your belongings. However, you will be able to figure out that the noise has been made by an animal that is bigger than a rat.
  • Unpleasant Smell: The most obvious sign of a possum infestation is that unpleasant smell that comes from them. When they excrete and urinate around your house, you will be able to smell it. This odour is extremely unpleasant. 

Possum Control Services That We Undertake

✔ Restaurant Possum Control

Possums have been paying regular visits and destroying all the pantry items in your restaurants? Well, not only do these creatures cost you a lot of damage but they are extremely unhygienic for your kitchen. Protect your restaurant from possum attacks. Give us a call for possum removal services. 

✔ Domestic Possum Control

Fed up of getting all the damage done by possums fixed? Well, reach out to us for a permanent solution to this issue. We will not only remove all the possums existing in your house. But we will also close all their entry points. Moreover, you can also contact us for dead possum removal. 

✔ Emergency Possum Control Service

Possums are prone to making your roof their home. If one of such a possum family has been invading your house. Then our possum catchers can remove possums from the roof. So, You can unhesitantly connect with us in cases of emergencies as well for instant assistance. 

✔ Pre-purchase Possum Inspection

Some areas in Gungahlin have a lot of possums around. Moreover, possums can infest any property. So, it is our duty to protect the people of Gungahlin from investing in a possum-infested property. Therefore, we offer pre-purchase possum inspection services. So, be assured that your new house does not have invaders. 

✔ Possum Inspection And Removal

Our company has the best professionals to deliver quality services at low possum removal costs. Moreover, we make sure that all the possums are safe during and after the removal process. So, you can clearly count on us for possum inspection and removal services. 

✔ Same Day Possum Control 

In need of a proficient possum catcher urgently? No need to worry because Pest Control Gungahlin has your back. You can always rely on us for same-day possum control. Also, our team members will give you an immediate response. Moreover, we will reach your house as per your requirement. 

How Making Us Your Go-To Catcher Will Benefit You?

Our company is very thorough with the market research. Moreover, we research the market every once in a while to know about the demands of people. According to the desires of our customers, we offer them our services with the following benefits. 

  • Complementary Quote: You can get a quote from us on call. Moreover, we do not charge anything for a quote and there are no other obligations. 
  • Tailored Timings: You can book us as per your free time. We will not make you follow our schedule. You are free to book us at any time. 
  • Licensed Staff: We are licensed hence we are reliable. You can trust us with possum removal services. 
  • 24*7 Service Hours: If a possum invades your house in the middle of the night. What will you do? It’s simple, you will give us a call. You can call us for help 24*7.

Where Else Can You Enjoy Our Services?

Apart from Gungahlin, you can enjoy our services in all the nearby suburbs. For instance, Franklin, Throsby, Amaroo, etc. 


  1. Will You Charge Extra For Service At Odd Hours?

No, we do not charge extra. You can book us 24*7. 

  1. What Will You Do After Catching The Possum? 

We will release the possum safely far away from your property. 

  1. Do You Remove Dead Possums? 

Yes, you can contact us if there are dead possums in your premises.